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Tropers: Mewers Are Vorons

Is it so hard?

  • Is it so hard to believe that violence doesn't solve everything?
  • Is it so hard to not fetishise anyone?
  • Is it so hard to not think of yourself in subjective terms?
    • Including negative terms? You're either fishing for complements or actually pathetic.
  • Is it so hard to not use stereotypes?
    • Or idealised ways for certain people to act so as to simply benefit yourself?
  • Is it so hard to not use fallacious defences as to why a critic is criticising your fandom?
    • Or have a persecution complex? Some people don't like things.
  • Is it so hard to avoid deliberately making yourself incomprehensible?
  • Is it so hard to not call anybody a whore?
  • Is it so hard to believe in society?

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