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You're actually about the 5th craziest person I know.
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He may be one of the most influential people of our time!
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Who am I you ask? Just to let you know, I may not be the night, heck, I'm not even the vengeance, but I am a troper! That's gotta count for something right? Really though, I'm just an average nerd. I'm a big fan of Marvel Comics (mainly Spider-Man), Sonic the Hedgehog (I think the name is an obvious hint.), and other video games. I also like Slasher Movies (mainly Friday The 13th.). I happen to be a proud collector of action figures too! I'd also like to think I'm funny, but whether I am or not is up to you. I also discovered TV Tropes through My go-to website for action figure reviews. Now it is time for the fun stuff!
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Yeah, I'm so hardcore I vandalised my own page! - metalsonic655