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Hello...I'm Litemi, if you couldn't already tell. Well. This is my page. I was considering adding some furniture to spice up the place, maybe changing the lighting, making the curtain match the carpets, you know, the usual?

So, why not PM me so I can talk to you more? I'll talk about anything, maybe you can lure me over to a new fandom?

And yes, I have a Meaningful Name. Only very few people will get the reference, and you'll receive cookies if you get it.

I write, but I never post anything...I need you to help me out here. Force me to do it.
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Consider yourself forced. Signed, Muramasan13 (your new wordcount taskmaster).
  • Nice.
After seeing that drawing you did, you made me feel like i suck more than i already do. Eternalnoob
  • ...Don't make me shower you with confidence, dude.