Tropers / Jewel Sparkles


I'm JewelSparkles on here, a reference to a character in Lalaloopsy. Away from this site my friends call me Clover. I'm Transgender, specifically I identify as agender. I'm also mentally ill in addition to being autistic, so I can appear to be quite aloof and random, and I also have trouble being social with others (both in real life and online).

I heavily appreciate children's cartoons, and openly admit to liking several shows intended for even younger audiences, as I don't believe in target demographics.

I'm a deep appreciator of music as well, not limiting myself to any single genre. I also do (terrible) ukulele covers of rock and punk songs, mainly by Against Me!, a band who have come to be a major influence on me and how I choose to live.

Anyway... I guess that's it. See you around.