Tropers / Jay Xythos

Hello my name is Jay Xythos. Not really that's a pseudonym... (Obviously)

I really like TV Tropes and writing. I write short stories mostly horror/psychological/both and my flagship series which still lacks a name. If I ever manage to get published I will undoubtedly give some kind of tribute in story to TV Tropes. Will it be subtle or overt who knows (I do it's already planned out. Hint: Not going to be subtle.) I will definitely also continue contributing to TV Tropes. (Being obnoxious and applying tropes to my own work mostly.)

The text in the parenthesis (Hello) Is E.C. or Ego control. (Damn straight) A little thing I've created to constantly put me down and provide self deprecating humour as a way of keeping my otherwise over the top ego in check. (Also megalomania.) He likely won't appear much except in personal posts so if he annoys you don't worry.

Personal Info:

Name: Unavailable Age: Withheld Race: That's classified Nationality: You seem to be asking quite a lot of questions... Birthdate: Who do you work for! Tell me or so help me I will blow your jaw off!