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Jason S. Taylor's father is a property appraiser, online stock speculator, and Sunday School Teacher in Portland, Oregon, USA. Jason S. Taylor is an epileptic and receives disability which he uses to pay rent to his parents and to buy TONS of books. He is also very fond of his Kindle E-Library. He makes some small effort to hold his weight in society, by acting as an amateur writer and by selling books on Amazon. Jason S. Taylor is faithful member of the the Evil Christian Right, and is, if only in sympathy a strong supporter of the Evil Israeli Lobby. The first is odd in this location, the second less odd.

Jason S. Taylor is fascinated by history, especially European but in many other areas too. These include the Silk Road, the Clipper Ship Era and World War II, the default interest of all history buffs. He also is interested in the history of several esoteric things like Chess and Coffee. Most of his favorite books are non-fiction but he has a number of fiction favorites. These include, Hornblower and the Atropos, Over the Wine Dark Sea, The Chosen, The Blackford Oakes novels, the spy-stories of the author Alan Furst, The Time Garden by Edward Eager, Silent Ship, Silent Sea by Robb White, and a number of others of diverse genres. Jason S. Taylor admires several foreign countries including England, Israel, Venice, Poland and Nepal. He also has a number of heros including Alfred the Great, Marco Polo, Ralph Bagnold, Arleigh Burke, and Tenzing Norgay, the Sherpa.

Jason S. Taylor is a Strategist and almost a Hollywood Nerd, as he wears glasses, adores books, and is part of the minor levels of both the Tolkienite and the Treky fraternities which are the defining nerd subcultures. As well as being a great devotee of Gurps who actually made up his own world and then placed it in The Traveller Universe. He is not a Badass Bookworm in real life as he can barely fight with Good Old Fisticuffs, and has never shot anything more then a tin can, and if Real Men Are Killers, he barely qualifies having not killed anything more formidable then a trout which was probably a hatchery anyway. However in Silent Hunter IV he is the terror of the Pacific, and often slips into Japanese harbors and wrecks virtual destruction on his foes leaving virtual flames and virtual smoke to be seen for miles. He is also a Celebate Hero, not having found the right girl yet and not being in a hurry. And he is a Dutiful Son who has always had a good relationship with his family. He has several Badass reliatives including one grandfather who is a Badass Preacher of the old school, thousand baptisms a day hip deep in freezing water type; but also a good natured person who prefers to preach with encouragement and humor rather then fire and brimstone whenever possible. He has another grandfather who was an artillery observer in France with Big Red One and made the Germans tremble when his plane buzzed near. Jason S. Taylor has a puritanical streak that makes him annoyed at having to use profanity(like badass)at this site where tropes are identified by profanity and also makes him think that If You Know What I Means are usually a cheat by authors who have little confidence in their craftsmanship. But he is good-natured enough not to turn that into an obsession. Jason S. Taylor is also long winded as his description of himself indicates and perhaps the reader is relieved to be finished with this. Jason S. Taylor is glad to be a contributor to this site.