Tropers / JC Dentons Shades

American 90's gamer, here. Born and raised at the time that Yahtzee remembers when the shooter genre was riding the PC like a trusted pony. Got hooked on level design and writing from that era as well. Origin and Looking glass gave us Wings of Glory and System Shock, i-i-iinnnsect. Parallax made us throw up with Descent, and DOOM gave us the Great Communicator!

Of course, the birth of 2000 brought the greatest game ever made, and it taught us that wearing sunglasses in the dark truly was awesome.

Never cared about television, though I do watch One Piece, Evangelion, Mythbusters, Time Warp, and Dirty Jobs. Love Football. Alive when the Panthers shocked the NFC their second year of existence, been following them ever since.