Tropers / Isla Fahlia

Hello, my fellow Tropers. I am Isla Fahlia, in case you're lost and haven't guessed yet. I won't give you my real name, but if you insist on something else, then my middle name is Marie, pronounced Mah-rEYE-uh. Strange, yes, but then again, I'm a strange person in real life - why not on the internet?

I am 17 years old, though I look more like I'm 14. I am a female African-American and though I'm relatively new to TV Tropes, I know my way around the bases and can hold my own. In fact, tropes regularly enter daily conversation when I speak. But I still don't consider my life ruined. Far from it.

I'm partial to a few shows, particularly Danny Phantom, Static Shock, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. But I've reviewed a few stories scattered throughout the Fan Fic Recommendations page, so you may see me. Or you may not, it doesn't really matter to me.