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Big ask, wiki. Well, let's start with the obvious. I Blame Communism blames communism.

IBC is a Scottisher-Britisher living in Edinburgh, capital of culture and finest city of the free world. He attends high-school, where he considers himself a Nerd. The wiki doesn't. Silly wiki. His main interests include history, webcomics, history, geography, history, TV Tropes Wiki, history, history, and formidable doorstoppers dripping with raw, unrefined history.

IBC knows a lot about history.

He's of Anglo-Scotto-Germano-Northern Irish origin, and knows how German names work. Very few people do. Don't throw "von" around, people, it actually means something. If you use "Hansi" as a feminine name, IBC will kill you. Slowly. With a spork.

IBC has some strong political views. This isn't the place to mention them.