Tropers / Human Adventure

Male twenty-something from the USA.
  • Fun Fact: I created the edit of Ghost Love Score that was used in the YTMND "Epic Maneuver" fad. I used it for a YTMND that had nothing to do with epics or maneuvers. The person who made "Epic Geordi Maneuver" took the file from my site, or from someone else's site who took it from my site. I still await a "thank you" from Tuomas for indirectly helping to boost the popularity of the band.
  • Fun Fiction: I was born in a log cabin and did my homework on a shovel.
  • Fun Fact: I first discovered tvtropes while trying to figure out how supporting romances in works of fiction got the name "shipping." I then spent hours browsing through the site. I think Luke/Mara was the first couple I ever shipped.
  • Fun Fiction: There's a snake in my boot.