Tropers / Hikaruthe Hedgehog

O hai, Troper.

My name is Hikaru The Hedgehog.

No, actually, that's not my real name.

My real name is [NO]. I will not tell you my name.

I am [FUCK YOU] years old. I am also a male.

I've written fan fiction such as A Boy in Parappa Town and Trouble In Osohe Castle. It's the most productive thing I've ever done with my infinite free time.

I spend a near-unlimited amount of time on the internet, doing things such as:

I also control a blog called "The Worst Blog In The Universe". If you want to read it, it's linked below.

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Here's a list of stuff I made:
    Things I made 
Here's a list of my websites:
Here's a list of stuff I absolutely love:
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Leave a comment. It makes me feel less lonely.

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