Tropers / Hexxina Hannah

Hexxina Hannah was recently dropped off at Brook's Pass School for Gifted Girls (formerly Madeline Brooks Institution for the Refinement and Education of Young Women) by her ma to learn to control her strange abilities.

Hexxy in spite of being a young girl, is as tall as an adult man! She hasn't explained why, and you might get into trouble if you ask her!

She wears shabby clothing and doesn't keep her hair combed. She seems to like staring outside the window at bees and butterflies alighting on flowers.

She was disguised as a young female honeybear to draw Mister Huggles' attentions, but has reverted to her tall form as she gathers together Calisera and Circe for Witch Wishart.

She has exhibited some Alteration abilities, though the full extent of her power is unclear.