Tropers / Hell Blossom

I am... Hell Blossom/Xenaxis

The Only, Lonely Angel of the Knightmare Star System

No,...that's a lie...... Or Is It? ^_~

Xx Xx Xx X=======Xx Xx Xx X=======Xx Xx Xx X

Anyway, I am a pretty bubbly person. Most of the time anyway.

I love Anime and Manga as well as reading and writing various things.

Some notable websites that I frequent:


Fanfiction Notoyax17 is my pen name if you're interested.

Formspring Ask me a question!


Cyanide and Happiness

And so on...

I am an avid writer (when I can get myself to sit down long enough) and tend to write along the lines of BL, yaoi, or slash...or smut (hetero or otherwise).

I warn you now, under this sugar candy and clouds personality beats the heart of a sadist. I don't show it much because I prefer to reel in my prey before breaking them.

You may be thinking, "If that's what she wanted then shouldn't have said that!"

Fortunately, target prey will likely

  1. Foolishly not be reading this.
  2. Not take it seriously due to their adorable bunny-like naivety.
  3. Be strangely intrigued.

So to all of you, and any others reading this, I welcome you.

To the lovely society that exists beneath hell.

Because everyone knows that the most precious things in life are the ones that can kill you.

Feel free to leave a comment.