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I enjoy writing humorous works. Darkly humorous works, at that. While I feel that I excel at writing articles and building entire worlds, I am absolutely stumped when it comes to creating memorable characters and plotlines. Even in my most praised work, "Let's Buy a Death Permit!", a large majority of the reviews pretty much boiled down to "I loved the satirical setting, but I wasn't very fond of the characters".

The only writer who's works I read constantly is Chuck Palahniuk. That being said, I do not read much, and I am looking forward to changing that. That being said, Lullaby is clearly one of his best books. That, or Survivor.

I spend a crapload of time watching movies. My favorite ones usually tend be Crime Thrillers with heavy doses of dark comedy (Such as: Fight Club [if that counts], Pulp Fiction, Snatch, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). The only exception to this is the film "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World". But that's probably because A)I have never seen a film that seemed so much like a video game before, B)Rory Culkin was absolutely hilarious, and C)It was that film that inspired me to write my first work of fiction. Granted, it was downright horrible. The story was nonsensical, the humor was nothing more than games of "Spot the reference!", and the entire thing seemed extremely derivative of the very thing that inspired it. Nonetheless, I have still been coming back to that story for the past two years, trying to figure out a way to turn it into something readable.