Tropers / Ghostlightning

ghostlightning is from manila and goes to tv tropes mostly for the anime and manga information. started liking anime from watching choudenji voltes v, tossho daimos, mazinger z but fell in love with anime after watching macross.

maintained love for anime despite graduating with a degree in literature, upped his nerd-cred by doing a postcolonial reading of tolkien's "the silmarillion" ("where in the world is middle-earth?").

re-discovered '90s classics nearly a decade too late (evangelion, cowboy bebop, escaflowne), and is currently immensely enjoying contemporary titles including but not limited to:

  • tenggen toppa gurren lagann
  • code geass
  • macross frontier (current favorite)
  • gundam 00 (the first gundam title i enjoyed, i don't like the rest)
  • suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu
  • hachimitsu to clover
  • school rumble