Tropers / Gelgoogle

'Sup? I'm Gelgoogle. You may have heard of me.

But probably not.

You're likeliest to find me skulking around on the Fanfic Recs section of this site. Fanfiction is a medium I enjoy and dabble in (I have a story in the Fanfic Recs section of The Legendof Zelda), so it shouldn't come as a surprise. Nor should it surprise that I can be a rather caustic individual with my criticism.

The reason Sturgeon'sLaw is mentioned in the opening of the section is that so much of fanfiction is utter tripe. I know it's all subjective, but think before you recommend, people. You might look back on whatever tickled your fancy in a given month and realize too late that it was only ever mediocre.

All of that said, I'm not a total jerk. When I find something worth loving, I am effusive in my praise.

My user name is a combination of "Gelgoog," a robot from the long-running Gundam mecha anime saga, and "Google," which needs no introduction. Alternatively, you can read it as "Gel" and "Google," which is, presumably, some sort of hair gel that doubles as a search engine. No, I don't understand how it works either.