Tropers / Gand Aand R

Short for "Galvin Allan Roderickson", most usually. Chosen, as many a steampunk pseudonym is, via being an obtuse pun. (G.A.R. can work just as well; the "and"s also refer to something I haven't been able to include anywhere yet, for what it's worth)

I am fascinated by subcultures and meta-genres, and as such have joined the Omniversal Meta-textual Society (Sorry, I mean TV Tropes) to find out about and understand them. However, I'd much rather throw dinner parties and meet those different sorts of people face-to-face. Fandoms, while being full of cultured, intelligent people, are still seen as being full of bickering nerds and pretentious griefers when they really cold see eye-to-eye.

I've set up a log wherein I can post writing, drawing, music and recipes. [1] I enjoy intentional anachronisms and the bountiful vistae of experimenation that are the culinary arts. Fortunately, if any of my experiments go awry, all that will be ruined (at the most) would be a single meal.