Tropers / Fritz Shlomo

Greetings, fellow tropers! Long-time lurker of this website (since at least 2008), and now finally a registered troper!

Some things about me:

Interests: Life, the Universe, Everything

I like writing and studying fandoms. In fact, I have been obsessed with how fiction affects fans since at least 2004 and my very early years in the anime fandom and the internet (where I discovered many, many things, and am glad to have been among the last internet-users to experience the internet pre-MySpace/Facebook and pre-YouTube).

As such, I have been what you may call a Fandomologist (or utilizing more loquacious words, Popular-Culture Socio-Anthropologist), studying the ins and outs of fandoms, of particular interest how people get all serious about shipping. I believe through the study of fandoms, we may be able to come to understand certain aspects of other sectors of belief, such as political and religious beliefs, and why people come to hold dear what they believe, even if it is something as inconsequential as which fictional character is porking another.