Tropers / Frank L Munro

"I realize I have no answers to anything in life, none. I only have assumptions, some more probable than others. I know nothing for sure, and thank God. The possibilities then for anyone and anything are endless, and that gives me more hope and confidence than any answer of absolute certainty ever could." ~ Doug Walker

Friends, tropers, countrymen; I present myself, Franklyn L. Munro (a pseudonym created by an S. O'Grady), an amateur writer, poet, comedian, and critic - then again, aren't we all? Well, you know what time it is? That's right! Lists of influences and favorites! What profile page wouldn't have such a thing?

Favorite Authors and Poets Neil Gaiman Andrei Codrescu Stephen King Herman Hesse Alan Moore George Orwell Chuck Palahniuk and his ever infamous Guts story. Jack Kerouac Cormac McCarthy Franz Kafka John Steinbeck Lewis Carroll Dennis Lehane Edgar Allan Poe Stephen Crane {{Edna St. Vincent Millay}} Arthur Rimbaud

Favorite Musicians and Bands Pink Floyd Nick Cave Marilyn Manson Tom Waits Captain Beefheart Leonard Cohen Johnny Cash The Pixies

Favorite Movies Being John Malkovich Amélie Amadeus The Wall Eraserhead A Clockwork Orange Black Swan Mulholland Dr.

I suppose I should cut the crap about the movies and literature. Not that many people cared to know, did they? Well, I am an Anglo-American (born to an English father and American mother) and the oldest of two children. I'm very much a child of the 90's, a lover of all things macabre, complex, dark, and anti-heroic. Though, and I only hope that this isn't the case, I try my best to not fit into the rebellious crowd of punks, goths, nor emos. In fact, I would like to stand in my own little crowd of people: Me. So far, there's only one of the 'me' crowd. That's fine, maybe the fewer the better. I don't necessarily like going into detail about my family or my personal history, and I don't want to bore you with the unnecessary info. If you want to know, give me a message and we can talk...just, no trolling, if you please. I wanna stay on as good terms with people as I possibly can.