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I'd consider myself something of an odd mix - someone with great interest in science, technology, weaponry, and aeronautics, but I'm also a writer, amateur artist, and fanvid-maker.

I'm a backpacking enthusiast and an opinionated advocate of the environment; two traits developed during my involvement with the Boy Scouts of America. I attained Eagle Scout in January 2007.

And somewhere along the line came Kim Possible. I've been a fan of the show since it first aired back in 2002, when I was 12. Even then, I liked the distinct artwork, witty sidecracks, and the general sense of maturity and shooting-above-the-target-demographic. However, I did not get really involved in the fandom until about Fall 2004. I've become heavily involved in the KP fandom, and in late 2008 I became I fan of Ghost in the Shell.


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