Tropers / Fiery Gun Hand

About me:

Name: Whatever you want it to be, dollface ;)

Sex: Oh, yes, please. I'll get the booze and the rubbers, you get the hotel room. Dealie-o?

Relationship status: Currently single; my feelers are out but serious engagements aren't going to happen right this minute

Hobbies: Cheese

Likes: Girls who dig Sonic Youth, referencing The Room at every opportunity even though I haven't seen it yet, people with intelligent and perceptive things to say

Dislikes: The mass media and the toll it has taken on political discourse, the notion that one can become famous for doing absolutely fucking nothing, ppl who tyype all liek this w/o botherin 2 use spelcheck or do anyy shit liek that cuz it's the internet lol speciallyy wen its GROWN PPL AND NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS WHO DO THIS lol thats just fucking annoyying lol i see this all the fucking time and it rlyy grinds my gears lol

Music: My tastes are rock-oriented for the most part, but I don't hold that as superior to anything else. I'll refer you to my profile for more information:

Literature: I like subversion, satire and rampant explicitness (violence or otherwise). A lot.

Movies: See above

Other: I am a slow, unproductive and easily blocked writer, but a writer nonetheless. What little I have ready can be found here (; I've been trying to get back into the swing of things and I do intend to have more ready for uploading by the end of the summer. Wish me luck

—-rest of page still under construction—-

You see a wall in front of you. What do you wish to do?