Tropers / Erinaceus

I first found tvtropes through a link in the walkypedia (the Walkyverse wiki). Thanks to this link, the first trope I ever read was First Law of Resurrection. That was early in 2010. As I write this, it is late September 2014.

I soon became addicted to this site. I usually don't edit a lot of things, but I spend a lot of time reading tropes. I am especially interested in webcomics, and a many of the webcomics I read are webcomics I found on tvtropes (including, but not limited to: Order Of The Stick, El Goonish Shive, Gunnerkrigg Court and Girl Genius). Currently, I have more than 60 webcomic I read regularly, though most of them do not update very often. You could call me a webcomic-a-holic.

Oh, and I'm from Germany.