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Guess who's too lazy to make their own Troper Page!

it's me. that should have been obvious.

For whatever reason, you decided to read my page! Congratulations!

If you wish to know something, feel free to PM me. I'll answer literally anything as soon as I am available.

About This Troper

    My Color Coded Harem 
  • Blue: My ex-girlfriend. We dated on and off before she finally got with her best friend. But we're still friends.
  • Red: My high school crush. I had a huge crush on her for like two solid years. Though, she might lose her color status since I've long since been over her and we haven't talked lately.
  • Green: One of my closest friends. I've been best friends with her since 8th grade, though she has her fair share of personal issues. I've also had on and off crushes on her since.
  • Purple: My best friend. I know she used to have a crush on me for a long while. I was also super oblivious to it. I have a story about her posted a bit back about that. I've also been told that she still has feelings for me.

So I lied. I'm making my Troper Page. Huzzah for you!

I joined at some point in September 2014.. wow it's been that long? Anyway..

And if I'm ever mean, rude, insulting, or otherwise to you, I'm just joking. Don't take it personally, I'm just being sarcastic or rude for humor.

But if I did offend you, I didn't mean it, and feel free to PM me letting me know about how I offended you so I know not to do it again!

I'm find interests in a lot of anime, along with homestuck and being a brony.

To be continued I suppose.