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Hello! Welcome to my page! It is fabulously empty at the moment but for now enjoy my long lovely paragraphs about myself!

About Me

I am a anime/manga/webtoon/wiki lover. I enjoy my days off watching anime and editing wikis. At night I binge read cheesy shoujo mangas/webtoons and call out moments of stupidity (with the additional facepalm). If I'm not doing any of the above I hang out the Animal Crossing Wiki Chat and abusing my chat mod powers JK :P. I also play a range of video games but I prefer games with a story line like Skyrim (great game btw 10/10). On rare occasions I will write fanfictions or stories (follow me on Wattpad link below ^.^).
  • Warning: Fanfictions may contain horrible grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling

Other things you probably won't care about; I like cooking, baking, being social, recommending anime and mangas, answering questions pertaining to anime, mangas, and/or games, looking at funny pictures, watching hilarious videos, having The Feels OH THOSE FEELS and hanging around my dog [he is a cool [2 cool 4 u] dog). My birthday is on April 14 (OMG IT'S IN A FEW DAYS FROM NOW!) and my real name is Sophia. (So then why is- REASONS MAN...reasons ;).

Things that pertain to me

My Pokémon is Pachirisu

My favorite emotion is 👍 (it just works for almost everything)!

I'm currently watching: Miraculous Ladybug and Akagami no Shirayukihime

I'm currently reading: Over 60+ mangas and about 15 webtoons (My favorite webtoon would be Lessa: The Crimson Knight it's has dark themes but it's pretty fun to read).

I'm currently playing: Skyrim (that's if my mods won't keep crashing me :C)

I'm the lead administrator and bureacrat for the Akagami no Shirayukihime wiki (link below)

I'm a chat mod, patroller, and rollbacker for the Animal Crossing Wiki (link below)

Oooo... Links... Pretty~!_Wiki (Mobile friendly)


Coming Soon!

Parting Note

I'm a pretty cool person so if you have any questions about anime/mangas and/or games please ask me! I have an abundant knowledge about this stuff so ask away 👍! 'Toodles'