Tropers / Ehye

A troper who has been lurking on and occasionally editing TV Tropes for over two years without making herself very widely known to the universe at large. Her name is actually among the more pronounceable "words" in a long list of R'lyehian vocabulary, which supposedly means "cohesion" according to whomever spent so much time and sanity documenting and then forgetting about it.

Her mad love for Doctor Who spreads across the entire TV canon (except a few weird lines or continuity oddities which do not exist in her Fanon) and has begun to stick its prying roots into the EU, mainly Big Finish's audio plays. She also enjoys Eldritch Abominations, Mind Screws, and Earl Grey tea.

This troper does not scare easily except when she wants to be. This is why Weeping Angels terrify her, but she does not bat an eye at the thought that rats live in everyone's house.