Tropers / Digital-Madness

Ooookay. First and foremost, my title as a contributor is actually DigitalMadness. Just wanted to clear that up right out the door.

My real name is Chris, and I live in North Carolina. That's "the middle of nowhere" for anyone who, you know, isn't from North or South Carolina. It's a great place, but it's just so nondescript that most people barely notice it exists. If you want to find a place that really typifies the rest of America, then you're in luck.

Anyway, I am in college as of right now. I'm in pre-med, or, really probably pre-pharmaceutical school. Pre-med just sounds smarter.. I'm working on this account from a new machine that I just got for college, and I hope to continue working from this laptop for the next few years because it really needs to hold out for awhile.

My interests range from the fairly normal (technology, video games, custom cars) to things that make normal people a bit disturbed (horror stories, movies, etc.). I'm also very curious about the sciences, particularly biology, physics, and anything else dealing with the way things tick. I also have an interest in history, but I got a bit burnt out on that during my last year in High School, when I had a high level history class that had so much work attached to it that it just knocked the wind out of me. Still, I can tell you exactly where the Scotch and the Germans settled in Pennsylvania now. Well, uhm, kind of. It was in the mountains, I think.