Tropers / Dichtonomy

Oh hey guys. No, that's not supposed to say Dichotomy. Dichtonomy is exactly how it's supposed to be spelled.

I'm Dichtonomy and I am awesome. Yup, that's right. I'm also amazingly conceited and possibly one of the only boys on the internet who isn't on Omegle. Or so it seems.

So. My not-quite-as-awesome sister has her fanfiction account here. Not that she ever finishes any of her work. She sucks.

I live in the crevices of the internet, under dark rocks and in dank corners where almost no one else ever dares to venture. I know how magnets work. I'm good at what I do and bad at what I don't. Like people. I'm horrible with people. Avoid them when I can.

I'm also a Kingdom Hearts, Gorillaz and Doctor Who fan and I run around TV Tropes commenting wildly.

I might see you around sometime, eh? Leave a comment or something if you want to talk. -Dichtonomy