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First of all, my name breakdown.
  • Citizen - comes from the legendary movie, Citizen Kane.
  • Grimm - not my actual last name, but a perferred one that I am using in my original fiction.

I try really hard to write good fan fiction which can be found here and here if you're interested.

I'm currently only working on Avatar: The Last Airbender stories (well, story) right now, but plan to branch out to Digimon, and maybe Kim Possible, Naruto, and Teen Titans.

It should also be mentioned that I read way more fan fiction than I write, which is why my updates are so damn slow. And by a lot I mean...a lot. Like a few hours, at least, every day.

Yeah, I have neither a life nor a job...

My Favorite Anime/Manga

My Favorite Literature

My Favorite Video Games

My Favorite TV Shows

I came across this site at complete random and couldn't be happier about it. It now gives me even more crazy information, along with wikipedia, to go off of.