Tropers: Chicagomel

30, from Chicago. Works as a library shelver.

  • TV
    • Buffy/Angel
    • Forever Knight
    • Highlander
    • Bones
    • CSI
    • CSI NY
    • Roswell
    • Due South
    • Merlin
    • Falling Skies
    • Nine Lives of Chloe King
    • Tracker
    • New Amsterdam
    • Teen Wolf
    • The Tripods

  • Books
    • Warrior Cats
    • Animorphs
    • Kathy Reichs/Temperance Brennan
    • Disaster/post apocalyptic fiction
    • Dystopian fiction
    • Some types of sci-fi
    • The Stand by Stephen King
    • Dinotopia
    • Various Arthurian
    • Tripods trilogy

  • Movies
    • Planet of the Apes
    • Twister
    • Apollo 13
    • Lion King
    • Balto
    • Jurassic Park
    • Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron

  • Needs to get back to to other PC stuff and not just troping

  • Plays Kingdoms of Camelot and Wasteland Empires on Facebook. Game account is Uther Pendragon-the one with the Pendragon crest from Merlin as my userpic. Add me if you like.

Right now, my biggest ship crazes are Danny and Lindsay from CSI NY and Grissom and Sara from Bones. But I also ship Buffy/Angel,(Buffy) Nick/Catherine(CSI),Mac/Stella(CSI NY),Arthur/Gwen(Merlin),Nick/Nat(AKA NN Packer, Forever Knight)Fred/Wes(Angel),Jenny/Giles(Buffy),Rachel/Tobias and Jake/Cassie(both Animorphs) and some other less important ships.