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An Ordinary High-School Student, and I'm fairly new to the being a troper thing, though I've been using terms used to describe tropes for a while now and I still enjoy Lampshade Hanging when I see a trope. I'm a writer of Fan Fic, and I mainly enjoy humour/crack fanfiction because I love nothing more then fanfiction that makes me laugh, even though I enjoy serious stories as well.

I have read lots and lots of fanfiction, even though I haven't written a lot of stories I was completley satisfied with, and I'm a CLAMP addict, as well as a fan of Death Note, Invader Zim, Ed Eddn Eddy, Code Geass and Jigoku Shojo, and sort of a former Danny Phantom fan.

I'm also an everyone/everyone shipper, but there are few characters whom I consider a Little Black Dress. I just enjoy a lot, and I meant A LOT, of pairings for every character. I- hey, wait a minute... why am I not reffering to myself in third person?

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