Tropers / Brosandi

A contributor!

Specializing in music and webcomics and random acts of pop culture! (nowadays, mostly music and lurking about on the Troper Tales pages. Because she's awesome like that.) Known to be quite a bit of a geek!

Lives in the Caribbean. Speaks English fluently, not so much French. Her Spanish is downright terrible. Her Swedish- let's not talk about that, mkay? Adores Sigur Rós, Dungen, Radiohead, White Denim, etc. Draws. May draw you something if asked nicely. Thinks in Nadsat.

She has a blog: Yelling Loudly at Small Children which does not have much of a purpose, but people read it for some reason. She has a DeviantArt account: DameOfMaracas, though she kind of sucks at drawing; and she has a account, nannerspy, which is where she lets her inner musical freak flag fly.