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Hello, welcome to my page. On TV Tropes, I'm known as "BlackSol", but elsewhere I am known as several things, most commonly Solar Crimson. I add and contribute to several pages on the site, so I guess I'm earning my keep here, eh?

I have a blog that can be found here, although it is going through some serious Schedule Slip. I have also wrote some stories that can be found on my FictionPress profile, though most of them have Incredible Shrinking Man scenarios, and many of those have ALSO been going through some Schedule Slip. I also have some very fanfiction that can be found here; however I have no intention of returning to writing fanfiction anytime soon, hell I may just delete most of those stories anyway; they're kind of embarrassing to look at now. I also have Backloggery right here, so don't be shy to Multitap me.

I made pages for two of my stories a while ago:

    Favorite Games and Game series 

Tropes that apply to me include:

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