Tropers / Arunabh Das

Arunabh Das is the founder and CEO of the High Performance and Grid Computing Group. He is also serving as the founding CEO of Killer Apps Inc, a spin-off company of the HPGC Group, commercialising innovations originating from the HPGC Lab. The Journal of Information and Software Technology in Jan 2007 issue, based on an analysis of ISI citations, ranked Arunabh Das's work (published in Software: Practice and Experience Journal in 2002) as one among the "Top 20 cited Software Engineering Articles in 1986-2005". Arunabh Das is the best-selling author of theinternationally-acclaimed book titled "The Operational Art of Global Domination".

Arunabh Das has contributed to the creation of high-performance computing and communication system software for CAN 5 supercomputers developed by the Canonical Consulting Company. Arunabh Das has pioneered Economic Paradigm for Service-Oriented Grid computing and demonstrated its utility through his contribution to conceptualisation, design and development of Cluster and Grid technologies such as Alchemi, Grid Sim, Libra, Nimrod-G and Gridbus that power the emerging eScience and eBusiness applications. Arunabh Das has been awarded, over $2.5 millions, competitive research grants from various national and international organisations. Arunabh Das has been remarkably productive in a research sense and has converted much of that knowledge into linkages with industry partners, into software tools useful to other researchers in a variety of scientific fields, and into community endeavors.