Tropers / Arilou La Lee Lay

Hey there! I am the one whom you may refer to as ArilouLaLeeLay, or simply just Arilou. The name comes from Star Control, which was essentially the first video game I ever played. This is my troper page, and....uhh..well, since you are here, and all, you probably want to check out what kind of a person I am.

I am a female human who has been doing absolutely nothing noteworthy for the last 20 years that I have existed on this Insignificant Little Blue Planet. Aside from getting familiar with a large amount of media, having become decently skilled on the matters of biology, survivalism, basketball, marks(wo)manship with a crossbow, repurposing various items for questionable uses, and staying up late at night for no logical reason, and having fully figured out my issues with sexuality and gender identity at the ripe early age of 15. Oh, and before you start insulting me over that latest part, since (unless you are an actually decent person) you will without doubt do just that... well, I've Seen It All when it comes to petty insults from people like you. Now, if you did think of insulting me, just don't waste your time. Just don't. You cannot accomplish anything on that frontier.

After that's been settled, we can continue on. My personality as a whole is.....a bit complexthanks to my unusual set of personal values and my flighty imaginative streak.I used to be frequently depressed thanks to certain reasons, but have effectively gotten over it.

Anyway, that should really be about it. I feel bad already, for being so selfish as to ramble on about myself for so long, but that was necessary for this page to fulfill its purpose, which is to provide Exposition about me.

     Tropes that (probably) apply to me, in a not-entirely alphabetical order, because screw that 
  • Asperger's Syndrome: Yes, I've been diagnosed with it. And I'm not happy with that, considering that the diagnosis has so far been nothing but a massive hindrance to my attempts at trying to live a life of my own.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: I'm quite compassionate and polite towards others, or at least try my best to be. However, when frustrated, I can be quite....cruel with my words. Which I inevitably end up regretting sooner or later, because I

  • Catch-Phrase: "Hiiiii!"
    • Numerous variations of "I'm going to sleep now".
      • "...because screw that" is also a recurring addition to my sentences in certain circumstances.

  • The Collector: I tend to keep EVERYTHING I come to possess, especially unusual items. The things I've deliberately collected include:
    • Standard school-issue pens (permanently loaned ones)
      • Money from other countries
      • Animal keychains
      • Maps of fictional settings
      • Ornamental wooden snakes
      • And metallic puzzles.

  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: Well, not anymore. I know my purpose now, the problem is that I need extensive medical treatment before I can effectively engage in said purpose.

  • The Fashionista: Well, not the "reads fashion magazines and perfectly goes along with the current trends" type, but I definitely have a thing for clothing and looking good in it, as well as appreciating other peoples' styles and deriving ideas from them.

  • Friend to All Living Things: My personal values prevent me from harming or killing any living being without having a really good reason for doing so. And I stick by my values. And by default, I'm pretty friendly towards anything that isn't trying to kill me, cheat me, be rude to me or drain my blood. Note: this only applies to non-humans. With humans, I judge them by their actions and opinions, and attempt to be as nice and polite as reasonably possible, even if I happened to have one of those really good reasons for killing.

  • I Hate Past Me: Oh, do I ever. I consider myself as a person having started existing at age 15, because before that I was an entirely different person. Think all of my bad qualities, magnified, and the good parts reduced to irrelevancy.

  • Gamer Chick: I am unquestionably and unapologetically one. Emphasis is, weirdly enough, on "chick" rather than "gamer", in that I really like generally stereotypically female-focused works, like anything romance-heavy or visual novels, and prefer extensive character depth to challenging or smooth gameplay.

  • Granola Girl: Arguably. Then again, loving nature, having eco-friendly values, being part of a religion that reveres several aspects of nature and being female would get anybody labelled this. However, few people labelled with this trope have a completely justified reputation for eating insects, so there's also that...

  • Nature Lover: Definitely. I love it, but I also acknowledge its overall lack of caring, brutality, and abundance of deadliness. And I love and embrace it even more for being like that. I wouldn't have our world any other way.

  • Nightmare Fetishist: One of my dream occupations used to be to research genuine supernatural events and entities, and I probably wouldn't mind living in a Cosmic Horror setting. I also find depictions of gruesome combat and large-scale conflicts incredibly fascinating. Also, the nature stuff above is also something to consider.

  • Myers–Briggs: Personality type INFP-T.

  • Pardon My Klingon: I (usually) use either fictional swearwords or ones from little-known languages while swearing. If you ever catch me dropping a Precision F-Strike, something is either seriously wrong, or I'm not feeling like having to give a full-scale lecture about a language that the other people present haven't even heard of.

  • Token Religious Teammate: To my family, and to almost every circle of friends I've had. Then again, my homeland is filled with atheists and Christians, and somebody who worships the Sun and the Ocean, along with personifications of concepts such as love, creativity or change, definitely sticks out.

  • True Neutral: Apparently my alignment by the D&D system, according to numerous online tests. Though I feel like Lawful Neutral or maybe even Lawful Good fits me better.

  • Wangst: I used to feel like I'm doing this when I was seriously depressed. By now, I'm for the large part done with depression. Even though my life situation hasn't improved at all.

  • You Are Not Alone: Is one of my favourite tropes, for good reason. If you're sad, frustrated, or outright depressed, you can count on me to listen to your worries and give you a hug, even if I can't offer you any help or good advice otherwise. I know what it feels like to be hurt, and I don't want for you to have to deal with it by yourself like I had to.