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Tropers: Aquatica 1000
Evening, fellow Tropers! I am Miss Aquatica, and I'm a writer. What have I written? Well... I write. I haven't finished anything yet though. Hence my title of Scatterbrained Writer.

     My Tropes 

    Favorite Media 
When I'm not thinking up ideas of my own to write, I'm thinking up fanfics for my favorite forms of entertainment, which, at the time, includes the following:

As you can see, my problem with writing might originate by my being to busy looking at all this stuff. However, there's realizing there's a problem, and then there's fixing a problem, and I'm doing poorly on the latter


Okay, I currently participate in two RPs, as well as play in Enter The Arena As Your Avatar. More information below...

We Are Our Avatars

I currently play three different characters: the Nervous Wreck Grim Reaper Daniel Lincoln, The teenaged Gadgeteer Genius Lizzie Underwood, and the shadow-manipulating rock star Rose Collins. I'll add more details later...

Welcome To Beacon

A RWBY-verse RPG! I play Lucas, blind archer and second-in-command of team DRKR. I also get a bunch of "didn't see it coming" jokes, and for that... Well, see the list below.

     Stuff I have tossed in Welcome To Beacon 
  • A sheep
  • A Waterbottle
  • A bookshelf full of books
  • A bunch of shoes
  • A printer
  • My dad's bicycle
  • Stepladders

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