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Trivia: Lie to Me
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Obviously, Tim Roth. Watching Reservoir Dogs or Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead on the same day as watching an episode of Lie to Me can be kind of uncanny.
    • Gillian is Lindsay Dole.
    • Andy Goode is still alive and calling himself Eli Loker.
      • Or maybe Tyler Ford has gone on a deep-cover mission for Fatboy Inc.
    • Cal sometimes compares the facial expressions of suspects or other people to the expression of celebrities, like George W. Bush, Simon Cowell, and Barack Obama.
    • In "Moral Waiver", a rape suspect is Adam from Heroes (or Sark from Alias, if you prefer).
    • Daniel Sunjata of Rescue Me fame appears in the penultimate episode of season one as the nemesis of Cal.
    • There's three actors who are Jossverse villains in the 8th episode of season 1. Spotted were Knox, Rance Burgess and Jubal Early.
      • Spike appeared in the second season and seems to have joined Wolfram and Hart and started working as a prosecutor. That is until he died. Again.
    • Rene, the psychotic, fangbanger-hatin' serial killer makes an appearance in "The Core of It" as Caroline Wakefield's brother.
    • Cal's ex-wife once got soaking wet in a nightclub.
      • For others she's recognizable as Bette.
    • It appears Logan Echolls has stepped up from "obligatory psychotic jackass" to "serial killer".
    • Victor and his wife Jo Harvelle/Meg Manning needed Lightman's help with Victor's PTSD in "React to Contact".
    • Mrs. Evans / Nan Flanagan as the head of a juvie facility and blackmailing ringleader of a robbery crew in "Delinquent".
    • "Pied Piper" features half the cast of The Shield.
    • Gillian dated Mack Gerhardt.
    • Jimmy Barrett has moved from bad comedy to adult entertainment.
    • Tobias Beecher is Steven Cook in "Black and White".
    • Cyd/Codex / Penny is now a primary school teacher by "Tractor Man".
    • Jordan Todd tried to pick up Cal in a bar in "Honey".
    • Number Six is an art thief who gets up-close-and-personal with Cal in "Double Blind".
    • Martha Kent has early-onset Alzheimer's in "Veronica", and Bobby Singer is her brother-in-law.
    • Burt is a man trying to clear his name of the murder of his wife in one episode.
    • Admiral Fitzwallace is the dying father of a murder victim in "Smoked", although he might be better known for playing James Evans on Good Times.
    • Monica Reyes plays a paramedic Angel of Death in "Saved".
      • And Eugene Victor Tooms shows up one episode later in "Gone Baby Gone" playing an alcoholic cop and father of a missing baby.
    • "Killer App" has Thom as a Mark Zuckerberg expy.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Ben Reynolds switched to the CIA, then joined Torchwood.

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