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Tear Jerker / Beyond the Boundary
aka: Kyoukai No Kanata

  • Mirai and Ahikito's fight. The one person to treat her like a human being runs the risk of permanently becoming an immortal rage monster and she has to kill him before this happens. The scene is Deliberately Monochrome and she has flashbacks to her most cherished moments with him before finally delivering the fatal blow.
  • Episode 10 is basically one HUGE Tear Jerker.
  • Episode 0 has a brief shot of an extensive first aid kit and several strips of bloody bandages in the derelict house Akihito resides in, alluding to just how many people have hurt or tried to kill him in ignorance of his human emotions.
    • Episode 0 as a whole for Akihito. His entire outlook is a jarring contrast to the relatively upbeat person seen throughout the main series. He has no friends, no hope for his future, he's treated as an abomination and it's plainly obvious many Spirit Warriors have found him before and have tried making attempts on him. He doesn't bother fighting back against Hiro'omi because he doesn't want to hurt anyone and he wishes Hiro'omi would kill him just to put him out of his misery. What's worse though is that no matter how badly he wants to end his life, he literally can't.
  • In the Mirai Hen movie we learn a little bit more about the last days of the Cursed Blood clan. It was a genocide. Mirai's mother and another woman who is presumably Mirai's grandmother or aunt were just running away from Spirit World Warriors who called them monsters, told them to die, and murdered them. This is all despite them never fighting back.

Alternative Title(s): Kyoukai No Kanata