Recap / Digimon Tamers E 46 New Ultimate Warrior Justimon Appears

The Digimon introduces himself as Justimon, Cyberdramon’s Ultimate form, and the others realize that Ryou’s managed to somehow matrix evolve with Cyberdramon. They’re shortly after attacked by another D-Reaper Agent, and Justimon and Guardromon fend it off while Sakuyamon and SaintGalgomon search for Dukemon.

Jiangyu tracks down the D-Reaper’s core kernel, and begins to analyze the surface. He finds that a certain area has a lower temperature and wonders why its effect is weaker there.

The Juri-lookalike D-Reaper agent begins to taunt Takato, using the Hand Puppet to talk to him and saying that it’s managed to get information on Takato from Juri’s memories. It begins to imitate Juri, mocking Takato and saying things that Juri had once said. Takato begins to have a mental breakdown despite Guilmon’s attempts to snap him out of it.

Culumon and Impmon run into the D-Reaper’s center, with Culumon sensing Juri’s presence. Wanting to make up for what he’d done to Juri by killing Leomon, he accompanies Culumon until they run into another D-Reaper Agent. Impmon evolves to Beelzebumon Blast Mode to fight it off while Culumon goes in to find Juri.

From far off, Shaochung uses her Ark to get a glimpse of Andiramon’s view. They soon see Culumon in pursuit while Beelzebumon finds himself cornered by several agents. When he manages to shake them off, he and Culumon find themselves trapped by an invisible barrier, and Beelzebumon, figuring that Juri must be in there, breaks through it and exposes the sphere. Culumon says that he can see Juri in there, and Beelzebumon creates a small opening for him to enter. A bunch of cords wrap around Beelzebumon and trap him before he can do anything, while Culumon finds a listless Juri huddled in an inner sphere.

Culumon tries to call out to Juri, but Juri is unable to hear him and Culumon is unable to break the barrier to get to her. His desire to be with her creates a hole for him to reach her with, but Juri is still unresponsive.

Declaring himself to be a Tamer too, Kenta, accompanied by MarineAngemon, chases after SaintGalgomon. Sakuyamon creates a barrier around SaintGalgomon as they enter the D-Reaper, as meanwhile Takato continues to be tormented by the Juri-lookalike D-Reaper agent, as it continues to become even less human. Takato demands to know where the real Juri is, and, far off in the central sphere, Juri suddenly wakes up a little.

The agent begins to pursue Takato and Guilmon, destroying everything in its wake, and when Sakuyamon and SaintGalgomon try to intervene, they’re accosted by other agents and Sakuyamon is hurt. Takato and Guilmon are saved by the timely appearance of Kenta and MarineAngemon, the latter of whom possesses small-ranged but unique attacks that cause the agent to flee. When Sakuyamon arrives, MarineAngemon uses his attacks to strengthen her. SaintGalgomon breaks them out of the D-Reaper, and they escape.

Justimon fares less successfully against their agent, but Guardromon manages to get him out of a pinch. The agent manages to rise up again bigger and stronger, and Justimon struggles until Sakuyamon and SaintGalgomon arrive and bails him out. Andiramon, also appearing, gives Justimon an opening to slash apart the cord connecting the agent to the D-Reaper, causing it to dissolve.

As everyone retires for the night, Shaochung runs into the group to tell them about how Culumon and Beelzebumon went into the D-Reaper. Jian is concerned about Shaochung being there, but Lopmon takes responsibility. Ryou, seeing Shaochung, recognizes her as a Tamer and gives her a Device Card.

Alice, walking away sadly, hears Dobermon’s voice briefly before walking off and vanishing into thin air. Takato, looking at the D-Reaper in the horizon, is approached by Guilmon, who’s worried for him. Takato, who’s in turn worried about Juri, decides that he wants to save her.