Recap / Digimon Frontier E 9 Chakmon Is The Enemy The Mysterious TV Forest

With the group reunited, the kids, Bokomon, and Neemon arrive in Forest Land. With Forest Terminal just up ahead, they decide to take a rest since it’s late and Junpei and Tomoki are tired Izumi, Bokomon, Neemon, and Tomoki go off to look for food, while Takuya, Kouji, and Junpei gather firewood. A Bakumonnote  watches over them, deciding to use them as their prey.

As Takuya and Kouji set up the fire, Takuya starts up a conversation with Kouji, wondering why five Legendary Warriors weren’t enough to stop Grottomon, and Kouji remembers that they had been evenly matched up until Grottomon had pulled out a “Beast Spirit” and slide evolved to Gigasmon. When the kids begin to cook their food in the form of “meat apples”, Takuya asks Bokomon what a Beast Spirit is, but Bokomon can’t find info on it in his book until Neemon points out that one of the pages is folded. Bokomon finds that the Legendary Warriors had two spirits, the Human and Beast Spirits, and while Grottomon had both his Human and Beast Spirits, the kids are only in possession of their Human Spirits. Takuya and the others resolve to find the Beast Spirits and take Grottomon down.

While the kids enjoy their dinner, the clouds hide the moon and the tree trunks in the forest suddenly show images of the human world. Bokomon explains that they’re in the “TV Forest”, and Izumi recognizes her school and realizes that it’s still spring there despite the fact that they’ve been in the Digital World for about a month. Tomoki sees the playground that he used to play in, along with a back view of his mother, and Tomoki begins to cry as the image fades away when the moon comes back in sight. Izumi wonders if her parents are worried about her too, and when Takuya tries to cheer Tomoki up, Izumi notices that they act like they’re brothers.

Junpei entertains Izumi, Tomoki, and Takuya with some magic tricks, while Kouji, preferring to be alone and watching from a distance, looks on amusedly. The Bakumon approaches Tomoki from behind and uses his attack “Nightmare Syndrome” on him, and later that night Tomoki has trouble sleeping.

While Junpei is regulated to fire-watching duty during the night, Takuya asks Junpei if he’s an only child, to which Junpei answers in the affirmative and asks about Takuya. Takuya responds that he has a younger brother around the same age as Tomoki, and that it was his birthday on the day they left for the Digital World. Suddenly, Takuya feels a presence, but neither Junpei nor Takuya are able to find anything. Kouji mulls over what the voice in his Digivice had told him that all of the “mysteries that surround him” would someday be solved, and wonders what those “mysteries” refer to.

Tomoki has a nightmare about Takuya, Izumi, Junpei, and Kouji restraining him from reaching his mother, and when he gets up, he attacks the others, yelling that he won’t forgive “bullies”. His distorted vision causes him to see the others as threatening him, and he spirit evolves to Chakmon and attacks them, claiming to be a “hero of justice”. Junpei wants to evolve in turn and fight him off, but the other four refuse to fight Chakmon and try to find a way to snap him back to normal. Takuya feels the presence that he felt earlier and tells Kouji about it, who spirit evolves to Wolfmon and fills the area with light, exposing Bakumon.

Takuya spirit evolves to Agnimon in order to chase the Bakumon, while Wolfmon fends off Chakmon. Neemon says that Bakumon is normally a holy Digimon who eats nightmares, but Bokomon realizes from the absence of Bakumon’s usual Holy Ring on his leg that he’s another victim of Cherubimon’s magic.

Bakumon uses another Nightmare Syndrome attack on Takuya and attempts to get him to fight his friends, but Takuya has too much faith in them to believe that they’re evil and breaks off the illusion. Realizing that this is what Tomoki’s dreaming about, Agnimon gets up and tries to make Chakmon realize this, but Chakmon continues to insist that he’ll be a hero of justice who punishes bullies. Agnimon urges Chakmon that it’s not truly courageous to get revenge by evolving into a strong Digimon and promptly attacks Bakumon, who goes down in one hit. With that, Agnimon scans and purifies Bakumon, restoring his Holy Ring, and Tomoki wakes up from his nightmare.

As the kids return to their camp, Takuya thanks Kouji for lighting up the forest for them and allowing him to find Bakumon, and Kouji shrugs it off and taunts Takuya by saying that savages must have good instincts. Takuya takes offense at it but the two smile at each other and bump fists. During the night, Bakumon gives the kids pleasant dreams as an apology for what he had done, while Kouji looks on them pleasantly, but he’s interrupted by his Digivice alerting him and, as Bokomon and Neemon watch, telling him that he needs to grow more before he can obtain his next Spirit.


  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Tomoki gains these when brainwashed.
  • Eye Catch: Takuya and Tomoki’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Handshake Substitute: The fist-bump is used mainly as a way to indicate Takuya and Kouji acknowledging each other as rivals on equal terms.
  • Mind Rape: What Tomoki is experiencing as he fights the others.