Recap / Digimon Frontier E 35 The Spirits Become One

Since Goatmon has completed his task of bringing the kids to Ophanimon’s prison, Cherubimon kills him as a “sacrifice”. Cherubimon refers to Goatmon and Ophanimon as pawns in his whole plan, Duskmon as a backup plan in case the kids didn’t make it to the castle, and the Digimon trapped in the lower castle floors as failed experiments for hosts of the Spirits of Darkness. Angered at knowing that he was only used as an Unwitting Pawn, Löwemon attacks Cherubimon, but isn’t able to have the success he had before because the room is full of light.

As Cherubimon threatens to take away Kouichi’s Spirits of Darkness, Agnimon and Wolfmon respond by reverting to Takuya and Kouji and double spirit evolving to Ardhamon and BeoWolfmon, but find that their attacks keep missing because the light in the room is causing their attacks to miss. Ardhamon and BeoWolfmon lure Cherubimon to another area, while the others begin to free Ophanimon by breaking the sources of the light chains that make up her cage.

Ardhamon and BeoWolfmon are quickly defeated by Cherubimon and reverted to Takuya and Kouji, and Cherubimon takes their Digivices, which contain Takuya and Kouji’s spirits. As Cherubimon goes off to get the other Digivices, he pushes Takuya off a cliff, and Kouji is barely able to grab him and keep them both up.

Cherubimon arrives just when the others are about to finish destroying Ophanimon’s cage, defeats Blitzmon, and reverts him to Junpei and takes his Digivice. Chakmon and Löwemon slide evolve to Blizzarmon and KaiserLeomon, but they’re unable to hold off Cherubimon, are reverted to Tomoki and Kouichi, and lose their Digivices to him. The last remaining is Izumi’s Digivice, but Ophanimon manages to finally break free and get Shutumon out of the way, although in the process Shutumon is reverted to Izumi.

Ophanimon calls Cherubimon out for everything he’s done, but Cherubimon insists that using Digimon as his pawns is natural for someone who lives at the top of the heavens. Ophanimon says that his “old self” would not say something like that, saying that the old Cherubimon was wise and compassionate. She attempts to use her powers on Cherubimon in order to purify him, but although Cherubimon temporarily returns to his holy, purified state, he quickly reverts back to his corrupted self and blames Ophanimon and Seraphimon for making him feel such hatred.

Ophanimon declares that she’ll save him with her powers of love, and Cherubimon, wanting to be loved by Ophanimon, allows her to touch him and try to purify him. As soon as she lets go, however, Cherubimon becomes corrupted again and Ophanimon reveals that she also used the opportunity to take back the Digivices, handing them back to the kids and teleporting them away to meet with Takuya and Kouji outside.

Ophanimon and Cherubimon begin battle, and Cherubimon sends a message to Takuya on his Digivice that purifying him isn’t working and that Cherubimon is stronger than she thought. Kouichi asks what they can do now, and Ophanimon tells them to gather the Spirits into one. She uses the last of her power to upgrade Takuya and Kouji’s Digivices, and the kids soon see a DigiEgg fly away and realize that Ophanimon can no longer help them.

The kids see all of their Spirits inside the Digivices and begin to arrange their Spirits, with Junpei and Kouji giving the Spirits of Earth and Wood to Takuya and Izumi and Takuya giving the Spirits of Water and Steel to Kouji. Finally, Izumi and Tomoki give their Spirits of Wind and Ice to Takuya and Junpei and Kouichi give their Spirits of Thunder and Darkness to Kouji, and, now with five Spirits each, Takuya and Kouji hyper spirit evolvenote  to KaiserGreymonnote  and MagnaGarurumon.


  • Conservation of Competence: This is the episode where all the kids except Takuya and Kouji effectively sacrifice their ability to be competent in order to give the main two characters extra upgrades. Unfortunately, this is the point where this will persist for the rest of the series.
  • Eye Catch: Takuya and Kouji’s variants are used for this episode.