Recap / Digimon Frontier E 32 Revealed Past Duskmons Secret

Kouji fights his way through a sandstorm and takes refuge in a crevice in the ground. He tries to put all of the pieces of the puzzle regarding Duskmon together: why he’d hesitated when he first saw Kouji, why he’d demanded Kouji’s memories from him, and why his human form has a face that looks just like his own.

Takuya continues to look for Kouji, and Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki in turn look for Takuya, Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon. Their Digivices are unable to get in contact with Takuya and Kouji, and meanwhile Bokomon and Neemon are out looking for Patamon, who seems to have flown off.

Duskmon continues to mull over his memories of his human life as Kouichi, now aware that Kouji is his brother. Cherubimon approaches him, asking why Duskmon is hesitating to fight him, and Duskmon says that he can’t fight against his own twin brother. Cherubimon proceeds to remind Kouichi about his mother, and how Kouichi would return to his home every day to find his mother tired and depressed. Cherubimon goes on to tell him that his and Kouji’s father had abandoned her and started a new life with another woman, and brings up another of Kouichi’s memories: this time of him looking on at Kouji’s life with his father and stepmother. Kouichi muses that he personally doesn’t mind, but that he feels sorry for his mother.

Cherubimon infuses Duskmon with more darkness, stirring up Kouichi’s latent hatred, and tells him that only darkness will be able to comfort him. Duskmon slide evolves to Velgmon and goes off to find Kouji, hoping to kill him once and for all.

Bokomon and Neemon find Patamon, but Patamon tells them to follow him and flies off. Takuya runs into them and, realizing that Patamon has some kind of strange power, decides to follow him in the hopes of finding Kouji. Meanwhile, the other three decide to find the Angler Trailmon and search for the others while riding on him.

Velgmon finds Kouji and attacks him, who responds by double spirit evolving to BeoWolfmon. BeoWolfmon demands answers from Velgmon, asking why he’s allied himself with Cherubimon if he’s human. Velgmon slide evolves to Duskmon and reveals himself as Kouichi Kimura, Kouji’s twin brother. BeoWolfmon, thrown off by this, initially has trouble believing him, but Duskmon explains that they were separated when their parents were divorced and that their mother is alive. Kouji is taken aback by the knowledge that the mother he was told was dead is actually alive and has been living with his twin brother all this time, and realizes that this is the “mystery” that Ophanimon told him would someday be solved.

Duskmon begins to stagger and BeoWolfmon suddenly sees Kouichi’s image, saying that he personally doesn’t mind but feels pity for his mother. Cherubimon forces Duskmon back on track and the image disappears, and Duskmon manages to defeat BeoWolfmon and revert him back to Kouji. Duskmon slide evolves back to Velgmon and prepares to finish him off; Kouji pleads for him to change back to his human form and tell him more, but Velgmon replies that “it’s too late for that” and continues setting up his attack.

Takuya, accompanied by Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon, manages to pull a Diving Save and push Kouji away just in time, and Patamon keeps Velgmon occupied with a barrage of weak attacks. Takuya wants to evolve and fight him, but Kouji is resistant, telling Takuya that Velgmon is actually his twin brother. Takuya tells Kouji that Velgmon’s just trying to trick him, but Kouji is absolutely sure that it’s the truth, admitting that he began to feel something like this when he first met him. The thought of brotherhood reminds Takuya of his relationship with his brother Shinya; one day, Takuya had run off after getting in a fight with his brother over video games, but when it began to rain, Shinya had come out and brought an umbrella for him, and the two bonded over video games later that night. Takuya tells Kouji that having brothers is a good thing, and that he himself wants to be a better brother when they return to their world.

Kouji, however, is still distressed that his twin brother is possessed by an evil Spirit, and Takuya says that all they have to do is scan him and free him from the Spirit. Kouji is reluctant to fight his brother, but this angers Takuya, who tells Kouji that it’s his duty to fight Kouichi because he’s family, and that Kouji is the only one who can save him. With Patamon’s distraction no longer working on Velgmon, Takuya double spirit evolves to Ardhamon and goes to fight him.

As Velgmon gains an advantage on Ardhamon, Kouji remembers what Takuya had said about being the only one able to save Kouichi and double spirit evolves to BeoWolfmon. The combined efforts of Ardhamon and BeoWolfmon finally defeat Velgmon, fully exposing Kouichi within him and the Spirits of Darkness. BeoWolfmon scans him, and Kouichi falls to the ground.

As Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki approach them with the Trailmon, Takuya and Kouji approach the unconscious Kouichi, and Takuya recognizes him as the boy at Shibuya Station...


  • Attack Reflector: BeoWulfmon knocks Velgmon off-balance by reflecting the latter's eye laser attack back at the rock he's standing on, shattering it.
  • Enemy Without: While pondering Duskmon’s identity at the beginning of the episode, Kouji briefly wonders if Kouichi is this.
  • Eye Beams: Duskmon uses Geist Abend again and Velgemon uses a new ability, Master of Darknessnote , with his third eye.
  • Eye Catch: Kouji and Takuya’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Unlike the last time Kouji fought him, Velgmon's Zone Deleter simply... deletes the area it encases without an explosion.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Downplayed. Velgmon drops Ardhamon on BeoWulfmon, but it just seems to knock the wind out of them briefly and nothing else.
  • Unholy Nuke: Zone Deleter gets used again, though the effects are somewhat different this time.