Recap / Digimon Frontier E 23 Feel The Power Of Digimon Takuyas Full Body Strategy

Seeing that his friends arenít at the site of their battle with Duskmon, Agnimon goes off to look for them.

Kouji meanwhile wanders around, trying to find where the others are and wondering why Duskmon didnít kill him. He comes upon a castle, and from within the other three kids are forced to watch as some Nanomon experiment on their Digivices in the hopes of extracting the Spirits. Tomoki and Izumi try to have hope that Kouji and Takuya will come to save them, though Junpei is less optimistic. Mercuremon and Ranamon make their entrance, and while Ranamon wants to kill the kids off already, Mercuremon would rather use them as bait for Takuya and Kouji. Ranamon, wanting to get to the point already, tries to use Tickle Torture on them to find out where Takuya and Kouji are, but theyíre not able to spill it even if they wanted to because they donít know either.

Agnimon, while searching, suddenly finds himself able to perceive the rain falling right before it happens and wonders if itís Agnimonís power. Agnimon realizes that heíd been fighting so long under the impression that heíd been fighting alone as Takuya that he hadnít paid much attention to his unique abilities as a Digimon. He manages to predict that the rainís going to stop before it does, and continues looking for the others.

Kouji infiltrates the castle the three others are kept in, finding the Nanomon hammering on their Digivices and the kids utterly unable to do anything against Ranamonís torture. Kouji sees that the Digivices are being kept in a barrier and wants to break them out, but knows that he canít do anything in his condition, and has a hard time watching and listening to the others being tortured.

Bokomon and Neemon, looking for the others, are found by a Sepikmon whoís interested in making friends. Unfortunately, said Sepikmon is under the impression that ďtrue friendship starts with deathĒ, and Bokomon and Neemon are only saved by the intervention of Agnimon. Bokomon explains to Agnimon that Junpei, Izumi, and Tomoki were taken by Mercuremon and Ranamon, while Koujiís whereabouts are unknown. Agnimon explains to Sepikmon that itís possible to be friends even if theyíre alive, and the Sepikmon, curious to know how that works, decides to try the new approach by having his boomerang lead Agnimon, Bokomon, and Neemon to Mercuremon and Ranamonís castle.

Ranamon decides that even if theyíre going to use the kids as bait, she can at least kill one of them, and selects Junpei. Junpei begins to be eaten away at by Ranamonís attack, and Kouji, finally unable to take it anymore, spirit evolves to Wolfmon and attacks Ranamon, saving Junpei. Mercuremon starts a fight with Wolfmon, and when Calmaramon enters the picture, he struggles fending them both off, and when Agnimon arrives and sees whatís going on, he understands that he has to hurry but remembers how Kouji had told him not to be reckless. He decides to make a plan to somehow free the others and get them access to their Spirits first so that they wonít be used as hostages.

Agnimon uses his senses as a Digimon to get in-tune with the environment, summoning thunder, wind, and snow. With his power enhanced by the weather, Agnimon intervenes before Mercuremon can land a killing blow on Wolfmon, and heís able to get the Digivices to the other three. Izumi, Tomoki, and Junpei spirit evolve to Fairymon, Chakmon, and Blitzmon, and with the five of them together, they easily hand a beatdown to Mercuremon and Ranamon that the two of them decide to make a retreat. Mercuremon and Ranamon plan their next move, and Mercuremon decides heís going to take them more seriously and fight them where he has an advantage.

Takuya apologizes to all of the others and they in turn thank him for saving them, and when Junpei thanks Kouji, Kouji attributes the credit to Takuya, recognizing that Takuyaís changed. Takuya says that evolving into a Digimon has more benefits than they thought, and tells Agnimon that theyíll do their best.


  • Eye Catch: Takuya and Koujiís variants are used for this episode.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Yeah, you know how Agnimon realizes he can control the weather? Thatís not coming up again, even though there are many instances where itíd end up useful later in the plot. Itís a shame.