Recap / Digimon Adventure E 10 Kentarumon The Protector

Mimi and Palmon make a crash-landing into a jungle and, wondering what to do, they start to wander around. They eventually run into two Digimon, Sukamon and Chuumon, who proceed to throw poop at them, sending Mimi and Palmon running and demanding that they hand over their bags.

However, they back off as soon as Mimi’s mysterious blue device emits a light, and when asked, they tell Mimi and Palmon that they spotted Koushirou and Tentomon falling nearby. Unfortunately, “nearby” happens to be on the other side of a lake they have to cross, and when Sukamon and Chuumon try to ask Mimi and Palmon out on a date, they’re quickly turned down coldly while Palmon ropes Mimi across.

Meanwhile, Koushirou and Tentomon come upon some ruins, and Koushirou decides to explore under the impression that information he finds out may come to be useful later on. While looking around, they find a giant black gear turning in the ground. Seeing the same mysterious characters he saw at the power plant battery on the wall, Koushirou finds a conveniently placed outlet to plug his computer in and promptly drops everything to start analyzing the code, to Tentomon’s frustration.

Mimi finds her way into the ruins and greets Koushirou and Tentomon, inviting them to come help them find the others, but Koushirou is so engrossed in his work that he prioritizes that first. Completely frustrated at Koushirou ignoring her, Mimi starts to cry and eventually runs off into the ruins, pursued by Tentomon.

Unfortunately, the ruins happen to be a maze, and Mimi and Tentomon get lost fairly quickly. Fortunately, the data that Koushirou analyzed happens to have pulled up a map on his computer. Understanding that he needs to get Mimi out of there, Koushirou finds a way to connect to Mimi via voice and guides her out of the maze using his map. The plan is brought to a halt as Mimi and Tentomon find themselves cornered by a Kentarumonnote , but fortunately they happen to be in a position where Koushirou and Palmon are capable of breaking down a wall and getting to them. With that, Palmon evolves to Togemon and Tentomon to Kabuterimon, and they remove the black gear from Kentarumon.

Kentarumon, now back to normal, recognizes the blue devices that Mimi and Koushirou have. He leads them back to the ruins, where he identifies the devices as the “Digivices”, and reveals their purpose to “guide this world towards the light”. The explanation is cut short when Leomon bursts in to kill them, but the children are protected by Kentarumon. Understanding what Kentarumon had just told them, Mimi and Koushirou use the power of their Digivices to drive Leomon away.

They return to the outside of the ruins and Mimi, frustrated that there’s no way to get back to the others and Koushirou is still more absorbed in analyzing the area around him, uses the Taichi Yagami-approved method of Percussive Maintenance against the giant black gear. Sure enough, the gear breaks apart, and the island fragment starts moving back to where it came from. Koushirou acknowledges that sometimes Mimi’s way of attacking things directly is better, and Mimi and Palmon receive another (unsuccessful) woo from Sukamon and Chuumon.