Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 24 Armored Of The Earth Ankylomon

Ken returns to a normal life, finally able to eat a proper meal at home with his parents. It soon becomes clear, however, that all isn’t over for him: in the middle of the night, a mysterious blue-haired woman appears in his room in front of his computer, saying that Ken is “done with” and showing him images of the mysterious email that led him to corrupt his Digivice before disappearing.

The Chosen Children continue their work of rebuilding the Digital World. While rebuilding one town, they see a Dark Tower and think about taking it down, but decide to do so later. Hikari wonders what Ken is going to do, and while Daisuke thinks he should come and help, Miyako says that he probably won’t return to the Digital World and Takeru follows up that the Digimon probably wouldn’t forgive him for his acts as the Kaiser. Iori, in particular, is certain that he can’t forgive Ken for what he’s done.

A very stressed Iori performs poorly at kendo training that night. After training, Iori’s grandfather offers him bagged jelly and tells him that when he learned you could eat jelly in bags, he realized that there was still a lot he had to learn.

When the kids enter the Digital World the next day, they meet a bunch of Baby Digimon who want to play with them. Daisuke tries to start work by having V-mon evolve to XV-mon, but to his shock, V-mon is unable to evolve to his Adult form. Hikari and Takeru go off into the woods to try it, but Patamon is unable to evolve to Angemon. Not understanding what’s going on, they look at the Dark Tower nearby and wonder if it’s started to work again.

Meanwhile, the blue-haired woman who had appeared in Ken’s room goes up to the Dark Tower and smiles...

Miyako assigns Daisuke to babysitting duty for the Baby Digimon, and despite his misgivings, he gets along with the Baby Digimon well by teaching them to play soccer. Hikari and Takeru report back to Miyako, and tell her that they should just let things go for now. Iori and Digmon inspect some rubble and try to make repairs, but they’re attacked by a Thunderballmonnote , who seems to have neither an Evil Ring nor Spiral. Knowing this, Iori is hesitant to fight Thunderballmon, even after Digmon is defeated and regresses to Armadimon.

Fortunately, the imminent danger triggers Armadimon’s evolution to Ankylomon, which surprises both Iori and Ankylomon since none of the other Digimon had been able to evolve earlier. The two of them escape the area with rubble, but Iori is sucked upwards into a vortex only to be saved by another large Digimon. The Digimon entrusts Iori to Ankylomon and goes off to fight Thunderballmon.

The others meet up with Iori and Ankylomon, and express surprise that Armadimon was able to evolve. The Digimon fighting with Thunderballmon successfully defeats and then kills him, to the horror of all of the kids. To add to their shock, Ken makes an appearance and the Digimon who had killed Thunderballmon turns out to be none other than the Adult form of Wormmon.

Ken departs without explanation, and the kids are unable to make sense out of the situation that he had just saved Iori but also killed Thunderballmon.

In the evening, Daisuke has more fun with the Baby Digimon while Iori realizes that the Dark Tower is gone. While none of them know when the Dark Tower disappears, Iori realizes that maybe that was why Armadimon could evolve.

Ken and Wormmon head back home, and while Wormmon expresses dismay that they couldn’t catch “her”, they decide that they’ll get another chance later...

At kendo practice, Iori stresses out over why he had to be saved by, of all people, Ken. His grandfather, seeing his performance, berates Iori for going only for head strikes and tells him to be more flexible “in heart and mind”.


  • Forgets to Eat: The fact Ken is now averting this is a sign that he’s starting to return to being a normal kid.
  • Your Size May Vary: Ankylomon is animated much larger in this episode than in his later appearances.