Quotes / Rags to Royalty

Or it may be that the heroine is not an heiress–that rank and wealth are the only things in which she is deficient; but she infallibly gets into high society, she has the triumph of refusing many matches and securing the best, and she wears some family jewels or other as a sort of crown of righteousness at the end.

“I didn’t think you read those kinds of books, Twilight,” Celestia grinned.

“I—well... you know... a little,” Twilight admitted, trying not to see how amused her mentor is; alicorn books were usually romantic power fantasies for teenaged fillies who thought that Celestia would swoop down one day and recognize how much harder their life was than that of all their peers, bestowing them with immortal princesshood so they could be apart from the society that spurned them and have their comeuppance, after all. “It’s just... I am your student, you know,” she explained. “Some of them are even based on me—one is even called Twilightit’s... bad.
Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle discuss this trope (less than favourably), Sharing the Night