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Nightmare Fuel: Dragon Slayer
Disney's PG-rated (hah!) Dragonslayer was one of the scariest Sword And Sorcery films of the time. This was during Disney's low period, so this film, like TRON two years later, took some very un-Disney-like chances.

  • Ulrich's stabbing was a quiet, horrific moment, when you thought he was going to survive by the smug smirk on his face.
  • The opening scene with the first Virgin Sacrifice. The girl almost gets away, bloodying her manacles. Then a giant claw appears, and you have Virgin Flambée.
  • Vermithrax's response to Brother Jacobus attempting to exorcise it.
  • The first time you see Vermithrax in the flesh, rising from the Lake of Fire.
  • The baby dragons chowing down on Princess Elspeth gave many young kids nightmares - thanks, PG rating! - especially the shot of her foot in one of their mouths, with a bony stump where her foot used to be.
  • Vermithrax herself.
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