Thigh-High Boots

So her thighs look even better. note 

The writers want us to know a female character is aggressive, so they are shown to us in thigh high boots. These have a certain Impossibly Cool Clothes factor because it is uncommon, and usually impractical and expensive, for shoes to reach any higher than calf length. These shoes may have straps, buckles, zippers or laces that may go all the way up, to emphasize their length and the fact that the character wearing them has some sexy legs.

Thigh High Boots tend to double as Combat Stilettos on Action Girls, though Dominatrices and Real Life prostitutes wear these as well.

Compare Zettai Ryouiki and Nice Shoes — this is a subtrope of both. See Opera Gloves for the upper-limb equivalent.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Bleach: Loly Aivirrne is an Arrancar and leads the bullying against captive Orihime. She's also gutsy enough to stand up to an Espada.
    • Riruka Dokugamine of Xcution wears them as well as part of her Elegant Gothic Lolita outfit. Her teammate Jackie Tristan has them as well, but only when her Fullbring powers are activated.
  • In Code Geass R2
    • Kallen sports thigh-high boots as part of her Custom Uniform with the Black Knights. It's part of the visual contrast with her Ill Girl schoolgirl disguise, which has stockings instead.
    • Suzaku has a pair of these in his Knight of Zero outfit, though it's hard to tell because the costume also includes a cloak that hides most of his body.
  • D.Gray-Man: Lenalee Lee with her Dark Boots; they're her Empathic Weapon and she is a Kick Chick.
  • Pokémon:
    • Jessie wears black thigh-high boots and is generally a loud, domineering woman.
    • Domino wears these and is a more serious threat than Jessie.
    • James's fiance Jessiebelle changed into a pair right before she beats him up with a whip under the pretense of "training" him, a fairly overt dominatrix reference.
  • One Piece: Robin wore these during the Water 7 arc. It's an inverted case as she was a Damsel in Distress in that arc.

    Comic Books 
  • The Mighty Thor: The Asgardian Enchantress sports a pair of these more often than not, usually with matching Opera Gloves and a Minidress of Power. Her bewitching magicks must work a little better if every male gaze is already locked onto her very shapely form.
  • Catwoman, when she was in her Purple Suit era, combining this with Opera Gloves. Ditched when Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke took over the title in favor of considerably more sensible boots.
  • Rare male example. Ricochet of the Slingers sports a pair as part of his super hero outfit, along with a black leather jacket that was found in a thrift store from a closed-down biker bar. Neither one is really commented on, and while they are not used for In-Universe sex appeal, Rico definitely has his share of male shippers.

    Films — Animation 
  • Helen's and Violet's superhero costumes in The Incredibles have long black boots, along with black Opera Gloves.
  • Treasure Planet: Captain Amelia wears these as part of her uniform and she's introduced doing Le Pakour on a space ship. Then she lays down the law on Jim and her supposed boss.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Blade Runner: Zhora wears boots like this during her chase/fight scene with Deckard.
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Felicity Shagwell, as the Distaff Counterpart of Austin himself, hits both parts of this trope; swinger appeal and secret agent toughness.

  • In A Brother's Price this is part of Jerin's outfit for the ball at the royal palace.

  • In Austin Powers, both Action Girl super-spies Vanessa Kensington and Felicity Shagwell are shown wearing color-coordinated Thigh High Boots.

    Video Games 
  • Fire Emblem
    • Most of the Pegasus Knights wear these.
    • It's the footwear of choice of Cavaliers from Lenster in Fire Emblem Jugdral like Fin, Carrion, Robert, Glade, etc.
  • Dragon Age II: Isabela wears leather boots that go all the way up. Presumably, this has something to do in her being a Pirate Girl. When Isabela suggests Merrill get a similar pair, Merrill remarks that she feels like she'd get lost in those boots since they're so big.
    Merrill: I've dropped marbles in them. They take an eternity to reach the bottom!
    Isabela: That's the reason I've been finding marbles in my boots?
    Merrill: Um. No. I'm just rambling. Look, a rock!
  • Assassins Creed III: Connor Kenway sports these, though it's a little hard to see under his longcoat.
  • For more clarification about XIV, this is part of the starting outfit for all Hyur characters, paired with a short skirt for the ladies and short shorts on guys.
  • In Rusty Hearts, Natasha wears these in her default outfit. They're black and zip up partially, though usually left undone.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo has an unnamned Lady of Black Magic who wears these - a plain, zipper-less, black-pair that're part of her default outfit, along with Of Corsets Sexy.
  • In Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle, Morgane (a Pirate Girl) wears these. In fact, she has them even as a kid, something which serves to establish her as tougher than her more flimsily-clad friends. The fact that her boots acquire heels when she grows up suggests that she becomes aware that they also have an aesthetic effect, though.

  • Blue Destiny, the leader of the M9 Girls!, wears these. Her uniform is the one that is closer to a Magical Girl look.

    Web Original 
  • Used quite a lot in Soundscape, where Thigh-High Boots often overlap with Combat Stilettos. Half of the girls wear them, while the other half goes for Zettai Ryouiki or Stocking Filler. Amylase explains that she went with Thigh-High Boots as a substitute to stockings. Word-for-word, she describes the expensive nature in getting any boots above calf-length; the (near-)impracticality in using them for anything other than modeling; the exoticism in having laces, straps, zippers or belts to emphasize the design; their uncommon usage; the question of their origins, either from prostitutes or dominatrices; and the advantage to using them as weapons for kicking.

    Western Animation