Headscratchers: Lois and Clark

  • Maybe I've just forgotten, but how did Lois and Clark decide to handle the fate of "Clark Kent" after Superman leaves Earth for New Krypton? I know they apparently didn't give it much thought, or at least QUALITY thought, given that their excuse for Clark missing Superman's farewell speech was that he was out seeing the reaction to the news...
  • Clark did not become Superman until the near the end of the two-part pilot. Why, then, was he wearing glasses before that, when he was not trying to maintain a dual identity? The same question applies to the alternate universe Clark who was wearing glasses despite not being Superman until the end of that episode.
    • He didn't become Superman, but was still going around saving people. The glasses help maintain his anonymity as no one would suspect the bespectacled, easy-going, nerdy farmboy as the same guy who stopped that speeding bus or rescued all those people from that wildfire.