Head Scratchers: The Abominable Dr. Phibes

  • It's never explained exactly WHY a six-minute surgical procedure required (well, nine doctors at all, but especially) Dr. Hargreaves, who is a psychiatrist.
  • Just why is it that Dr. Phibes is supposed to be a sympathetic character at all? Yes, his wife died and he was disfigured, but let's be honest: there was never any suggestion of malice or incompetence on the part of Phibes' victims, his wife was just so badly ill or injured that a nine-man surgical team couldn't save her. And if that was the case, a 10th doctor wouldn't have helped at all - never mind that Phibes himself is not a surgeon, but a theologian, a musician and a clockwork engineer, and so he had no relevant skills to offer. The death of Mrs. Phibes was a tragedy, yes, but her doctors did no wrong in being unable to save her, and Dr. Phibes caused the accident that disfigured him himself: his motives and goals are nothing short than those of a madman.
  • In Dr. Phibes Rises Again, why does Phibes have to steal the key and fight Biederbeck? The river of life seems big enough for all.
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