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Funny: Saya no Uta
  • Kouji's nightmare at the end is one of the very few places where the horror of Saya no Uta wraps around to comical. Observe:
    • Chunks of her body are missing, as though something's been nibbling on her. It makes her look a lot thinner. She's been worried about her weight recently, but now she shouldn't need to diet.
    • He sounds amused, but it's hard to tell from his expression, since his face has been cleaved in two by an axe.
    • "But you were able to kill him on your first try? That's amazing, Oumi-chan."
    • "That's what Fuminori said, so I took his word for it and gave killing him a try. And it was fun!"
    • "Hmm... I want to see Oumi-chan being eaten too..."
    • Kouji looks down and is satisfied to see wriggling tentacles where his arms and legs should be.
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